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Legal Notice& terms and conditions

Ça Roule company registered under number Siren 951946979

27, avenue Le Corbusier

14360 Trouville sur Mer

Publication Director

Antoine Leroy

Article 1 – Purpose of the contract: The rental of an Electrically Assisted Bicycle (hereinafter referred to as VAE/VTC) with or without accessories, equipped with the basic equipment provided by the Company Çaroule and referred to as “the lessor”. The VAE/VTC, its accessories and its basic equipment rented hereunder, taken alone or collectively, are referred to as “rented goods”.

Article 2 – Basic equipment of the bike: Each rented VAE/VTC is equipped with: front and rear lighting, rear luggage rack, battery with key, assistance control terminal, assistance display + counter, stand, mudguards, bell. In addition to these elements specific to the bike, the rental company provides a helmet, a hazard spreader, a lock. The rental company offers various additional accessories for hire: branch socket, smartphone charging, smartphone bag, luggage bag.

Article 3 – Obligation of the tenant: The rental contract is concluded with the tenant in person. It is therefore neither assignable nor transferable. The client, referred to as the “renter”, must be a natural person over 18 years old who acknowledges being able to practice cycling and having no medical contraindications. Users must be at least 14 years old, minimum height 1.45m. All minors must be accompanied by a responsible adult. For minors, the legal guardian undertakes under the terms of these conditions to assume all responsibility for any damage caused directly or indirectly by the minor as a result of the rental. The tenant declares to be the holder of personal liability insurance due to the use of the VAE/VTC. The VAE/VTC being placed under the responsibility of the tenant, it is recommended that he proceed, prior to the actual use of the VAE/VTC, to a basic verification of its main visible functional elements, and in particular (non-exhaustive list): the correct attachment of the saddle, the pedals, the proper functioning of the brakes, the good general condition of the frame and the tyres. The tenant acknowledges that the bike is rented in perfect working order and undertakes to use it with care. In the event of a technical failure of the bicycle during the rental, the tenant cannot claim any damages from the rental company. If a repair is necessary, the tenant must report to the rental point. The VAE/VTC will be repaired or exchanged. Only "the lessor" is able to judge whether a repair is due to maintenance due to normal wear and tear, to a hidden defect and therefore the responsibility of the lessor or whether the repair is due to damage suffered by the equipment during rental, and therefore at the expense of the tenant and to make him bear the corresponding amount. The lessor reserves the right either to deduct the sums due from the security deposit, or to invoice the customer at the rate displayed at the rental point.

Article 4 – Conditions of use: The tenant undertakes to use the rented goods himself. The lending or subletting of the rented goods is strictly prohibited. The hirer is held personally responsible for any violation of the Highway Code as well as for bodily injury and material damage that he causes when using the rented equipment in his custody. Wearing a helmet by the renter is strongly recommended by the renter. The lessee acknowledges that the lessor offered him a helmet on loan. The tenant can use the VAE / VTC on the road, cycle paths, motorized paths. The tenant agrees not to use the VAE/VTC beyond its capabilities. On the circuits requested by the lessee, the lessor is in no way responsible for any incident that may occur on the route, whatever its origin. The lessee is prohibited from using the VAE/VTC on unpaved roads or reserved for mountain bikes. The tenant is informed on his departure about the autonomy of the battery. In case of exhaustion of the battery, the lessor is not responsible. The Tenant undertakes not to modify or add anything to the VAE/VTC and the Accessories. During each period of non-use of the bicycle, the tenant agrees to systematically attach the frame of the bicycle and the rear wheel to a fixed support (post, barrier, etc.) using the lock provided. The use of luggage racks is strictly limited to the carrying of a double bag of 20 l capacity for a maximum weight of 22 kg. It is forbidden to transport a person. Bends and descents must be negotiated with the greatest care and the cyclist must remain in control of his speed at all times.

Article 5 – Ownership: The rented goods remain the exclusive property of the company Çaroule for the duration of the rental. The rental operates the transfer of the legal custody of the VAE / VTC and engages the "civil liability" insurance of the tenant in the event of theft and for all the damage that he may cause during the use and the detention of the latter, and this, until the return of the VAE/VTC to the rental point.

Article 6 – Effective date, provision and return: The rental takes effect when the tenant takes possession of the rented goods which are delivered to him. This contract is only in force for the duration of the rental. If the tenant keeps the VAE/VTC and the accessories beyond this period without having regularized his situation, he loses the benefit of the guarantees provided for in the contract. The tenant acknowledges having received the rented goods in good working order with the basic equipment. He declares that he personally had full latitude to check the condition of the rented goods. He undertakes to return them in the condition in which he rented them, without taking into account normal wear and tear. No refund will be granted for early return.

Article 7- Liability: The tenant releases the renter Çaroule from any liability arising from the use of the rented goods, in particular with regard to the bodily, material and immaterial consequences of accidents of all kinds. The tenant declares to be the holder of a personal civil liability insurance which guarantees the liability incurred during the use of the rented goods both by himself and the persons in his custody. The tenant is personally liable for damage, breakages and theft suffered by the rented goods. The damage suffered by the rented goods, theft or loss will be invoiced to the tenant according to the tariff in force below. Price of degraded parts in € including tax: VAE/VTC: €1,800 / €2,500 Battery: €500 Stand: €20 Display: €150 Helmet: €35 Brake: €80 Fork: €150 Mudguard: €40 Anti-theft device: €30 Keys (1 or 2): €50 Tire: €25 Saddle: €40 Map holder: €10 Saddlebag: €40 Handlebar grips: €40 Pedal: €15 Rim: €50 Smartphone holder: €25 Child trailer: 200 € Lighting: €60 Labour: €60/h Very dirty bike: €15

Article 8 – Deposit: For any rental, the tenant deposits a deposit of €500 by credit card imprint / rented bicycle. This deposit is not cashed during the rental period. When returning the rented property, the deposit is canceled to the tenant. The lessee authorizes the lessor to deduct from the deposit the sums due in compensation for damage and theft, the costs of which are set out above. It is agreed that the amount of the deposit can in no way constitute a limit of guarantee, the lessor retaining, if necessary, the right to sue the tenant in order to obtain full compensation for his damage.

Article 9 – Assistance: The tenant rents the VAE/VTC in perfect working order. He must make sure to bring back or have the VAE/VTC repatriated to the starting point of rental in the event of a mechanical problem.

Article 10 – Miscellaneous provisions: In the event of non-performance by the Tenant of any of his contractual obligations, Çaroule may automatically terminate the rental in advance, without prejudice to any other rights. This contract is subject to French law.

Article 11 – Dispute: In the event of any dispute relating to the execution, interpretation or termination of this contract, the competent court will be that of the head office of the Rental Company, to which the parties attribute exclusive jurisdiction.

Article 12 – Definitions: Accident: any sudden, unforeseen event external to the damaged property and constituting the cause of the damage. Accidental material damage: any deterioration or destruction of the VAE(s) and accessories following an accident or fall with or without an identified third party. Theft: sudden and unforeseen event resulting in the total disappearance of the VAE(s) and accessories mentioned on the rental contract. Break-in: forcing or destruction of the anti-theft device linking the cycle to a fixed point of attachment on the public highway.

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